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EU CBRN CoE Project 87 - Preparedness and Response for Mass Gatherings and other Health Threats in Central Asia 

We love Mass Gatherings, and they can have real benefits. However, COVID-19 shows that they can threaten human health. More and more people are moving around Central Asia, and increasing numbers of Mass Gatherings could present preparedness and response problems.

But are Stakeholders in Central Asia prepared to respond to Mass Gathering health threats?

What if we could create or improve a forum for all players to get involved?

Then we could work together in the following areas:

  • - Improving Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) at Mass Gatherings by improving the safety of food and water through food hygiene training
  • - Guarding against chemical threats to Mass Gatherings by developing Poison Information Centres
  • - Ensuring that Public Health Command, Control and Communication (C3) systems provide rapid, regular, and transparent communications
  • - Ensuring that Mass Gatherings’ stakeholders are properly resourced to meet the task
  • - Running training programmes and exercises to test our capabilities
  • - And finally, we could explore regional opportunities to work together

PRECA project presents a series of assessments, scientific activities, preparedness and training measures aiming at strengthening and empowering preparedness and response in Central Asia. The project is focused on the follwing components: 

PRECA project started in January of 2021. Project duration is 42 months. It is funded by the European Union and implemented by the International Science and Technology Center.