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Command, Control and Risk Communications

Command, Control and Communication (C3) are the procedures and hierarchies that are established for the planning and response to potential public health risks. The goal of C3 is operational cross- disciplinary coordination. This improves local, subnational, national and international capability to rapidly recognize and manage a major incident, communicate across the health system, strengthen surveillance, conduct rapid and effective triage, monitor and manage resources, exchange information with the international community as needed, prevent escalation of a problem and save the maximum number of lives. 

Country risk communication and community engagement is a critical public health intervention in all countries. Countries should communicate rapidly, regularly and transparently with the population. All countries should prepare existing public health communication networks, media and community engagement staff to be ready for a possible case, and for the appropriate response if this happens. Countries should coordinate communications with other response organizations and include the community in response operations. This is also valid to raise awareness towards decision-makers in any specific country.

PRECA project is aimed to ensuring that Public Health Command, Control and Communication (C3) systems provide rapid, regular, and transparent communications.