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Water Safety

Safe water supplies are critical to the health of those attending mass gatherings, not just for consumption but for the maintenance of hygiene and allowing safe food production. The challenges depend on the location of the Mass Gathering – if in urban areas are the existing water supplies of sufficient capacity to supply the increased population, or will the extra demand cause problems in production or distribution. If new supplies are needed, are there sources available in the area and can treatment be provided to make them safe. If water is being provided by tankering, is there storage on site and are there sufficient plans and procedures in place to prevent contamination during loading, delivery, storage, and distribution. However, the water is delivered appropriate measures to maintain quality should be in place especially at collection points at the site. Bottled water should be a last resort and for only short-lived events, with appropriate measures in place to collect and recycle bottles.

PRECA project is aimed to improving Infection Prevention and Control at Mass Gatherings by improving the safety of water through water hygiene training and water safety planning.