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Food Safety

Mass Gatherings lead to a great increase in the amount of food that need to be brought into the area, prepared for eating, and served, and the resultant waste to be removed. Increases in outlets and throughputs in turn demand increases in numbers of staff, and in requirements for training staff properly in food preparation and food hygiene. Increases in staff numbers and the demand for large volumes of food pose a serious risk of transmission of food-borne illness. Many of the staff involved in preparing or serving food may be poorly educated in food hygiene. Many of these staff may be engaged at the last minute, or even during the event. In addition, individuals will attempt to take advantage of the situation and set up food vending operations at the last minute and free of any control or supervision. Ensuring high standards of hygiene in food preparation and distribution is therefore difficult, requires a good training and awareness programme, and necessitates large numbers of well-trained inspectors and supervisors. 

PRECA project is aimed to improving Infection Prevention and Control at Mass Gatherings by improving the safety of food through food hygiene training.